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Christmas Gifts for the Garden Lover

Updated: Mar 26

One Christmas you're hoping for UGGS, earrings and gift cards to fancy restaurants and then the next thing you know, you've started a garden and your wishlist look more like this: seed-spacing stick, compost sifter, titan tomato cages, bamboo trellis system, and garden hat. What happened, you say? Well, my friends. You've been bitten by the garden bug and there's no turning back. This is your new life.


We know because we've been there! We've also tried many different tools, plants, seeds, gimmicks, and gadgets in our own gardens- so we know what works and what's worth it!

We've created 3 gift lists-stocking stuffers, great garden gifts, and kitchen gifts. Bookmark this post and send it to whomever is in charge of buying you gifts this year!


See all Amazon stocking stuffers HERE

Planting Calendar -Our new planting calendar takes the guesswork out of the trickiest part of gardening : when to plant!

Cedar Hill Garden Gift Certificate- Gift the Garden to the green thumb person in your life. A consult with us may be just what they need to start a new garden or revive an old one.

Amrosia Bags: Bye-bye slimy lettuce! Preserve your harvest in these ecofriendly bags. *Use code: CEDARHILLGARDENCONSULTING for 10% off your order!

Dibber- If you thrive off of precision and you wonder if you're planting your seeds deep enough, this is the type-A tool for you.

Waterproof Garden Marker: "Is that cauliflower or brocolli I planted?" Stop guessing what is growing in the garden. This waterproof marker is THE best. I've tried them all. (Sharpies fade. I promise).

Fiskars Clippers: You'll only severe the main stem of your cucumber plant once by using pruners that are too bulky. Trade them for these micro-snips that make snipping so easy and exact.

Seed Spacing Ruler: The tool I never knew I needed. Efficiency at it's finest.

Spice Jars: You worked hard for those herbs. Save and share them! And these are cute.

Gloves: Cotton gloves? Terrible. Leather? Horrific. Rubber gloves? Never looked back.

Vegetable Brush: This lives by my sink. Perfect for getting the last bits of dirt that are caked on my root veggies.

Soil Thermometer: This tool is not mandatory BUT it is really helpful when you're trying to decide if it's tool cold to put your tomatoes in the ground in March.

Hori Hori- Our favorite and most used garden tool!

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission.


Shop all items HERE

Gardening hat -This red head wants you to wear a hat and this one happens to be my favorite.

Rainbird - I own a business and have two small children. My garden would not grow well without my automatic watering system.

Boots - I've been eyeing these boots for a YEAR and they're actually on MY list for 2023! Quality and timeless. I don't know about you but that's what this 38-year-old needs.

Vegetables Love Flowers book - If you have a veggie problem, you probably have a flower problem and by "a flower problem" I mean not enough of them! This book explains why!

Silk Scarf-We love this Riffle Paper silk garden scarf. Who says you can't be stylish in the garden? (It also comes in a beautiful blue color.)

Bucket Organizer - My life needs organization and hacks. This bucket keeps it all in one place.

Seed Organizer- Warning: These organizers are a gateway drug. I started with one. Now I have six..... you've been warned.

Label Maker- This is how we keep our seed organizers labeled. And then I get to use them for alllll the sippy cups for school too life!

Basket - Some people collect purses. Some collect shoes. I collect harvest baskets. This one is PERFECT and the wide handle and lay-flat bottom is my favorite shape.

Garden Puzzle - If it's raining and you can't be IN your a garden puzzle. It's the next best thing.

Custom Garden Sign- Give someone this special gift! Grandmothers love it, trust us!

Gorilla Cart-Heavy duty carry all.. saves your back, too. Pro-tip: These lift up on one side like a dump trailer and majorly save your back.

Kitchen Gifts for the Garden Lover

Find all of our kitchen garden gifts together HERE

Cookbooks: Some of our favorites for enjoying what the garden gives!

Immersion blender: Grow butternut squash all summer. Make soup all winter. This helps.

Ice cube trays: Our favorite to use for freezing pesto, after a large harvest.

Dehydrator: Make your own spices by drying out your herbs.

Kids' knives: Children enjoying and learning in the kichen is one of life's greatest joys.

Food processor: This is how I make my pesto (see ice cube trays above) for the winter!

Airfryer/Toaster oven: I am convinced air fryers are life changing.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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