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Your decision to start a garden should be an easy one because we've already found out what works and what doesn't in our area.  All you have to do is show us your space, tell us what you want to grow and we will help with the rest!  Whether you need help with an existing garden or you are ready for the turnkey garden installation of your dreams, you can find more in-depth information BELOW!

Installation to
get you growing

Inspiration to
keep you going!

We believe that your garden should reflect your personal style, phase of life and personal gardening goals.  We make our design recommendations based off of these things.  If you're overwhelmed, you're less likely to stick with it so our goal is to make it manageable and sustainable and, most importantly, fun!  

90-Minute Initial Garden
Consultation and Design


What to Expect


You know you want to grow food but sometimes you don't even know where to start or what questions to ask. Luckily, we ask a lot of questions and take a lot of notes!  We're creating an extension of your home, after all, and we take that very seriously.  This is the place you will raise your babies, invite your friends over for a glass of wine and a girls' night, entertain your grandkids after school and the spot you'll run out to barefoot for a quick bunch of cilantro.  Don't we always need that one missing bunch of herbs for dinner?!   Questions we might ask during your consult are: * What does your every day-to-day look like? Do you work 60 hours a week or are you chasing 4 kids around and home schooling?   * What does your dream garden look like?  Show me that account you've been eyeing on Interest or Pinterest.  If you can pin it, we can build it. * Do we need a fence to keep out interested friends like deer, our beloved puppy dogs, or rabbits? * Do you have a favorite color or flower?  We want you to feel JOY when you walk into your new outdoor living room!  I may love yellow but if you cringe at the thought of it or have a bad history with zinnias, I need to know that!  During your initial one-on-one consult, we will: * Look at the layout of your home and help you find the sunniest spot!  You can certainly grow lower-maintenance things like leafy greens, lettuces and herbs in areas that get some shade but for a highly-productive veggie garden, sun = success so this is mucho important!   * Identify the best way to get water to your garden.  A well-watered garden is a happy garden!  * Take measurements for your raised beds and decide on the type of materials we will use.  We build our custom cedar beds in-house.  We also have worked with companies who offer modular metal beds which is a great option!  * Lastly, we'll talk about the foods you want to grow!  Don't waste your time growing 857 eggplants if you don't like them!   After your consult, you will receive: * A customized garden design and itemized estimate for your turnkey garden.  Consults are necessary because price varies greatly depending on materials and labor, but our turnkey gardens typically start around $4000.  * You are more than welcome to DIY any part of your garden.  Sidenote: It is very common for us to get an SOS phone call when people realize how (NOT) easy it is to wheelbarrow pea gravel! * A post-consult document chocked full of free resources, links, and helpful information like what to plant and when, organic pest and disease control, and our favorite products.


Virtual Consultation:
30-60 minute session with our



30-60 minute Virtual Coaching
with our “Consultants-on-Call”

Our team is dedicated to helping you whether you live in Mississippi or France!  Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a brand new beginner, we will design a custom layout more efficiently, understand your growing zone more thoroughly and if you’ve been gardening for awhile but you’re stumped on certain things, we’ll help trouble shoot.  

Things we might discuss during your virtual call:

  • You bought The Organic Vegetable Garden Soil but your plants are yellow and stunted.

  • You're tired of spraying chemicals on your plants.

  • You have peppers but they're tiny!  

  • You just get so confused about when to plant what because every website says something different. Am I right?  I've been there and it's a black hole that I just don't want you to get sucked into anymore.  

Think of us as your "Plant pediatrician!"  We can even help you find local resources/nurseries/products you might not be aware of that will give your garden a GLOW UP!  

What you will receive during your consultation:

* Custom planting design for your upcoming planting season (up to 96 square feet which is typically two to three raised beds).  

* A post-consult document chocked full of free resources, links, and helpful information like what to plant and when, organic pest and disease control instructions, our favorite products.  

* (Optional) Estimate for installing an automatic drip irrigation system if needed


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