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The Cedar Hill Family grows every time a new client starts their gardening journey and we have loved watching our clients gain confidence and skill!  It’s just icing on the cake when the kids get excited about the garden too! 

Hear what our clients are saying!

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When my husband gifted me a garden consultation and vip membership with Emily neither of us realized just how much the gift would keep on giving!  I had the desire to learn but no idea how to keep plants alive and thriving. 

Working with Emily allowed me to learn the best compost and fertilizer to use for organic gardening, which is important to me!  She taught me seasoned techniques for planting and how to account for growing periods.  I learned good bugs (hey ladybugs!) and bad bugs (bye stink bugs!) and bugs to not stress so much over (fine, aphids).  Emily taught me tricks that would have taken me years to learn on my own!  She has such a vast knowledge of the ins and outs of gardening.

My garden has become my happy place- from tilling the fresh local compost to learning what vegetables like more water.  Emily taught me what to plant together and gave me the big tips on what not to plant in the garden (looking at you, mint!).  Each new flowering bud is a veggie waiting to grow- and that gets me so excited!

Every day is an exciting event to check on new growth, watch for pests, and harvest ripe homegrown veggies!  There is a fresh joy every time my four year old pulls up a big orange dirt-covered carrot.  The wonder in his eyes when pulling what he “grew from one seed” is the best part of the garden!  My hope is it translates to a familiarity with different types of vegetables and instills the respect of working to grow the food we eat.

Next on my garden wish list is a second raised bed with a beautiful trellis linking the two!  I’m forever grateful for the gift of my garden and the training I received from Emily, forever my “garden girl”.

Lauren LaSource

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